Amrut Single Sherry Cask

Amrut Single Sherry Cask bottle

70cl, 56.5% ABV

The tropical climate of Bangalore leads to rapid maturation and a greater angel’s share. These factors play their part in the extraordinary finesse and delicious mellow texture of this cask-strength single cask release. Only 398 bottles were ever released.

Amrut Single Sherry Cask bottle

Tasting Notes


Intense sweet and savoury sherry-cask flavours – sticky raisins, meaty notes, marzipan and spicy nutmeg. Sat alongside are butter icing, fruit jelly, green leaves and a hint of lightly sweetened stewed rhubarb.


An initial hit of grain – freshly crushed barley and porridge oats – gives way to rich vinous notes and layers of tingling spice. Bitter char is balanced by dried fruit and bittersweet dark chocolate, all sat on top of sweet berry fruit.


Liquorice and blackcurrant jam, slowly fading to mint-infused dark chocolate.


Intense and heavy, with a significant amount of cask influence. The Amrut fruitiness is still present, but subdued by the rich overtones of sherry-cask maturation.