Solist Vinho Barrique

Solist Vinho Barrique bottle

70cl, 57.8% ABV

To impart a complex fruitiness to the whisky, Kavalan Soloist Vinho Barrique is matured in used American oak wine barrels that have been toasted and recharred The oak is slow grown which results in a greater release of flavours into the whisky and adds more vanilla spiciness and hints of herbs such as dill and lemon grass. Having been used to mature both red and white wines, the casks add a complex fruitiness to this expression.

Testament to its quality, Kavalan’s Soloist Vinho Barrique was named World’s Best Single Malt Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards 2015.

Solist Vinho Barrique bottle

Tasting Notes


Very much a product of the casks - sticky berry fruit, black liquorice, tannic red wine, tart dried cherries, dried apricots and sweet marzipan. Hiding behind the rich, winey notes are the traditional sweet and fruity Kavalan notes - mango and honey.


It’s all about the cask again, with sherry fruit sweetness joined by liquorice, raisins and sweet red grape juice. As the whisky develops in the glass, it picks up more spicy notes - soft nutmeg and sharp clove.


Lots of fruit - raisins, grape juice and tannic grape skin, slowly fading to a spicy cinnamon-tinged finish.


A testament to Kavalan’s understanding of their casks, using spicy wine notes as a foundation and building on those flavours.