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Lorcan O'Duffy

Lorcan O'Duffy

Brand Manager

Lorcan (or as Jon calls him "Little Big Man") is the man behind a host of events, activations and great ideas at Speciality Brands. Coming from a Drinks Marketing background Lorcan has looked after such brands as Red Bull, Laphroaig & Auchentoshan before stepping into the role at Speciality Brands. 

Bringing fresh ideas and an experiential outlook towards events, Lorcan is utilising the skills he previosuly gained to help bring the Speciality Brands portfolio to the key players in the UK Drinks Industry and the ever present consumers. All this whilst also making sure our Digital presence is up to date by controlling the social channels and website.

When not sampling the latest cocktails around town - he's partial to a Boulevardier - you can find Lorcan out on the paddock for his local rugby club avoiding too much running or saying "every time sir!" at the match on TV.