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Stefanie Holt

Stefanie Holt

Head of Education - Whisk(e)y Ambassador

Stef is our first tame whisk(e)y ambassador (now joined by Nathan), who rhapsodises about the golden nectar around the country. Whether it be training bartenders, entertaining consumers or pouring drams to the thirsty masses at shows & events, her explanations of flavour, production and history really help bring our whisk(e)y brands to life.

Stef joined Speciality Brands in 2015 after being a global rum ambassador & was awarded both the UK and International Brand Ambassador of the Year (2010 & 2012) at the Golden Rum Barrel Awards for her work in that category. Along with her experience in growing young brands and reputation in the industry, she brings her Scottish heritage & passion for whiskies from all over the world to the fore in her ambassadorial role.

Stef has also recently become our Head of Education and is working on distilling our knowledge of what is special or unique about our brands and how we communicate that in the best possible way. She is enjoying working with Speciality Brands’ team of Ambassadors and creating innovative cross-category trainings like ‘Smoke’.

Outside of work, Stef is quite likely to be found planning adventurous holidays, buying shoes, scuba diving or cooking up feasts using only leftovers. Her favourite animals are otters and turtles, and her favourite word is the French for grapefruit.