The Cocchi Negroni Classes at #LCW16

Posted on 14th September 2016

London Cocktail Week 2016 is nearly here and we've got something very special planned for you with Cocchi! For one week only, Turin is being transported to Worship Street Whistling Shop in Bar Cocchi. Expect Cocchi Negroni Master Classes and classic Italian aperitivos.

Descend the stairs into Bar Cocchi and prepare to be transported to a glamorous bar in Turin for a very special master class on one of Italy's hottest exports: the Negroni cocktail. Equal parts gin, vermouth and bitters, the Negroni cocktail is simple to create, but how much do you know about its origins and the mysterious Count Negroni who lends his name to the drink?

Join Roberto Bava from Cocchi for a tasting of different Negroni styles and a flavour-filled journey to discover why the Negroni has cemented itself as the world over as the classic Italian aperitivo.

*Please note each session runs from 18:30 - 20:00.

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Each ticket is valid for one £5 Cocchi cocktail in bar Cocchi. Just make sure to trade your ticket in to receive your drink.

Cocchi Vermouths: 

Much more than simple aromatised wines, Cocchi’s vermouths are made with an infusion of herbs and spices and use only natural ingredients in production. Aperitifs par excellence and a taste of Asti’s gastronomic history, Cocchi’s name is synonymous with authenticity, quality, and renowned by bartenders around the globe.

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