Cocktail Files: The Red Snapper

Posted on 21st April 2016

Bloody Marys are booming and it's getting hard to miss all those glasses of spiced red tomato juice and vodka on brunch tables and bartops across the country. But what about the humble Red Snapper whose popularity has soared in the US but is often overlooked in the UK? 

It's taken the US by storm, and it's now time for the Red Snapper to gain as much recognition as the Bloody Mary here in the UK.

Rutte Celery Gin is ideally suited to the Red Snapper as the savoury notes from the dried celery leaves add a fantastic peppery flavour to the drink when combined with tomato juice, Tobasco, and Worcestershire sauce.

All you'll need to make this classic brunch time cocktail is a two-part cocktail shaker and the ingredients listed below.





50ml Rutte Celery Gin 

100ml Tomato Juice

15ml Lemon Juice

4 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce

7 Dashes of Tabasco

Pinch of Celery Salt

Pinch of Black Pepper


Add all ingredients into a boston tin with ice and pass back and forth into a second boston tin (or glass).

Perform this several times keeping the texture of the juice but chilling and blending the ingredients. 

Strain into a highball glass filled with ice cubes.


Celery slice

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