Summer Time Drinking - Michter's Mint Julep

Posted on 17th July 2017

The Mint Julep isn't just for the Kentucky Derby...

It's a great summer tipple with the refreshing mint notes all muddles in with the sweetness of the sugar and then finished off with that American favourite (and soon to be yours) Michter's Rye Whiskey. 

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With this evolution on the Mint Julep we've taken it a step further and used a straight Rye whiskey giving this Julep a bit more of a fiesty bite than the original would have with a traditonal straight Bourbon.


Want to make it for yourself? You'll need the following:

- 50ml Michter's Rye

- spoonfull of sugar

- handful of mint leaves

- crushed ice

- 1 mint sprig

Muddle the mint and sugar in a Julep cup, pour in the crushed ice and then finish off with the Michter's Rye before giving a slight stir then finishing off with a mint sprig  to garnish.


The Rye Mint Julep The Rye Mint Julep

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