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Posted on 29th November 2019

The world of rum is constantly evolving and Velier and Elixir Distillers are at the forefront of this evolution. When industry giants like Luca Gargano and Sukhinder Singh  bring new bottles to the market, every discerning rum lover hold their breath.

Black Tot

Black Tot was born from a fascination with the styles associated with certain rum-producing islands, instead of specific distilleries.

The inspiration was taken from the traditional navy blend, and twisted for the modern palate. Rums were sourced from islands that traditionally supplied the original navy blends, and it took over two years to perfect the final recipe:

40% Aged pot and coffey still rums from Guyana
20% Unaged pot and coffey still rums from Guyana
35% Pot and Coffey Still Rums from Barbados
5% High Ester Pot Still Rum from Jamaica

Tropically aged for between three to five years, Black Tot showcases each style yet also offers an experience greater than the sum of its parts. This traditional blended rum is non-chill-filtered and bottled at 46.2%, the optimal flavor point, without the addition of any sugars.

Judging from the initial reactions, you’ll be seeing a lot more Black Tot in the near future.

RRP £40


When Velier makes Navy Rum:

Velier Very Old Royal Navy Rum (Edition 1)

Inspired by the legendary British navy rum, which was carefully selected and married together by ED&F Mann and served aboard the British fleets for centuries, Velier have produced their first blended navy-style rum.

Of course, this is not just any navy-style rum, it’s a Velier navy rum. It is bottled without the use of colouring or additives and is promoted with full transparency, as any rum fanatic has come to expect from Velier. The rums that have been assembled for the blend are, again as you would expect, just a little bit special and each has quite the reputation and following:

20-year-old tropically-aged Caroni
15-year-old continentally-aged blend of pot and column distilled Demerara rum
12-year-old tropically-aged Jamaican pure single rum

Bottled at 57.18% ABV, this is a very complex rum with layers of stewed fruit and walnut, with hints of smoke and oak spice.

Certainly not your average navy-style rum!

RRP £150


Velier Tigershark (Edition 2)

Tigershark is the second edition of the Velier Navy Rum range.

There are a few factors that make this release different from the previous Very Old Navy Rum.

As with the first edition, Tigershark is a blend of rums from islands and countries that traditionally supplied the rums to the Royal Navy. This time however, only pot still rums from the ex-British West Indies have been selected, and they have all been aged entirely in the tropics.

The exact components of the original Royal Navy rum blend were always changing slightly, so in keeping with the traditional air of mystery, the exact rums in the blend aren’t specified in the packaging. However, from the flavour profile, we can deduce that the majority of this blend is made up of be Jamaican and Demerara rums from pot stills.

In true Velier style, Tigershark has no additions and is bottled at a high strength of 57.18% ABV. Full bodied, with rich chocolate, anise and floral notes, it’s an incredibly well balanced and well integrated rum.

RRP £160


Black Tot Rum Black Tot Rum
Velier Very Old Royal Navy Rum (Edition 1) Velier Very Old Royal Navy Rum (Edition 1)
Velier Tigershark (Edition 2) Velier Tigershark (Edition 2)

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