New Year, New You?

Posted on 02nd January 2018

It's 2018 and that means for some people a "Dry January", not for us here at Speciality Brands as we now look forward to what we think will be coming over the course of this year...

Well here we are, hot into 2018 and wondering where the Drinks World is going to be heading... We've got a few ideas of our own... what do you reckon?



Towards the tail end of 2017 we'd seen a big focus on lower ABV cocktails, longer drinks that still pack a lot of punch in terms of flavour but scale in down in terms of units. With a focus on Vermouth and Americao style spritzes we can see these sometimes forgotten gem making a valiant comeback, not only behind the bar but at home as well.


It's a key topic in everyday life, not just in the world of sipping spirits, but as the everyday consumer becomes more aware of the impact waste can have on the enviroment it's up to our industry to respond. Whether it be venues no longer stocking plastic straws or not handing out a napkin with every drink, it's seeping it's way in and we think all for the better.


The world of Agave spirits have been growing, no longer is Tequila the only choice, but a wide variety of Mezcal's have made their way into the UK Market and they're growing a strong fanbase, if you don't know why we highly recomend checking out the Derrumbes Durango.



Derrumbes Durango Derrumbes Durango
Rosa & Tonic Spritz Rosa & Tonic Spritz

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