A. E. Dor for Cigar

A. E. Dor for Cigar bottle

70cl, 42% ABV

To compliment the strength and complexity of cigars, this blend is made predominantly of Grande Champagne and aged in new barrels to give the Cognac a more tannic edge. Indeed, the Cognac is moved every two years into new barrels to maximise the influence of the new oak character. This more woody profile and higher ABV content give the Cognac a rich, strong and complex character which will enhance any cigar smoking experience and expand the repertoire of those wishing to learn about this most noble of drinks categories.

A. E. Dor for Cigar bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich and fruity, with raisin-flecked baked apples, and sweet and sour stewed orchard fruit – more apples and pears. Soft spiciness develops in the glass.


The palate is rounded and sweet, with weighty and darker edges. Sweet apple takes the centre ground, with hot chocolate, milk chocolate and fruity dark chocolate coming in from the sides. Spice grows across the palate, along with some drier notes – fruit skin and rich earth.


Warming spice; aniseed and cinnamon, pears and dark chocolate.


A robust Cognac that will stand up to all but the weightiest of cigars. However, when drunk alone, this shows a softer, fruitier and more complex side.