A. E. Dor Napoleon

A. E. Dor Napoleon bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

A denomination that has fallen out of fashion in recent times in favour of the XO designation, Napoleon style Cognacs must be aged for a minimum of eight years. A. E. Dor Napoleon is in fact aged for 18 years and is a blend of three different growths combining the maturity of Petit Champagne, the vigour and vivacity of Borderies, and the finesse and length of Grand Champagne. 

A. E. Dor Napoleon bottle

Tasting Notes


Brown sugar and Danish pastries – with crème anglaise and raisins – lead the nose. Balancing that is a gentle sourness – toffee-coated sharp green apples – and behind it all lies a plump sultana sweetness.


Intensely sweet at first, with Demerara caramel and golden syrup. The sweetness is swiftly tempered by gently sappy oak, burnt raisins and soft spice – nutmeg and allspice.


Sweet and sour fruit, with long and lingering leathery undertones.


Balanced fruit sweetness and cask-derived dryness, neither hiding the quality of AE Dor’s excellent spirit.