A. E. Dor Number 6

A. E. Dor Number 6 bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

This fine Cognac comes from single growth Grand Champagne and is aged for some 35 years in humid cellar conditions. Despite this Cognac’s age it is remarkably light and full of finesse.

A. E. Dor Number 6 bottle

Tasting Notes


Initial notes of fruity but bitter dark chocolate, studded with hazelnuts and almonds, are joined by dried and fresh fruit – dried apricots and prunes, as well as crunchy rhubarb and elderberries – brown sugar and dark, bittersweet caramel.


Soft and oily in texture, with well-integrated flavour. Sweet, butter-heavy pastry is joined by spiced apple and flicked with caramel – a perfect Tarte Tatin. Lighter flavours emerge after a short while in the glass, with floral notes of honeysuckle and spring meadows adding delicate sweetness and complexity.


Herbal and spicy, with sweet black tea and delicate, sugar-encrusted flower petals.


Carefully matured, balancing the influence of oak with that of time, to produce a complex Cognac. Rich, sweet and spicy flavours are balanced by delicate floral notes, rewarding those who take time to savour the spirit.