A. E. Dor Number 7

A. E. Dor Number 7 bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

A serious Grand Champagne Cognac with masculine overtones which have developed during its 40 years of ageing in dry cellar conditions.

A. E. Dor Number 7 bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet and perfumed, with richer notes under the surface. Crunchy toffee, honeysuckle and a hint of rosewater dance on top of buttered brioche spread with a thick layer of sultana jam.


Soft and rounded, with a balance of sweet and less sweet flavours. Sour leather starts, but it is quickly smoothed out by barley sugar and soft spice – allspice and a pinch of cinnamon. Dried fruit hints develop, with a combination of raisin, apple and papaya joined by darker treacle notes.


Fruit slowly turns darker, with cocoa and lingering notes of damp forest floor, after recent rain.


Complex, with controlled sweetness and a darker side that develops with time.