A. E. Dor VSOP

A. E. Dor VSOP bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

A blend of Grand and Petit Champagne, matured in humid cellars. All of the Cognacs in this blend are a minimum of eight years old.

A. E. Dor VSOP bottle

Tasting Notes


Initially earthy, with rich and sweet tobacco, and a gentle note of charred oak. Fruit develops, with sweet and sour grapes and raisins, joined by a savoury note that gives the bouquet a weight and almost meaty character.


Big fruit and spice to start, with the raisins and grapes from the nose enhanced by soft nutmeg, cinnamon and fragrant black tea. Caramel sweetness sits underneath providing a backbone, slowly turning darker, bringing in oaky spice and clove hints.


Lingering, sweetened black tea with soft hints of fresh and dried vine fruit.


A complex VSOP, with herbal and spicy notes mingling with fruit and well-selected oak. The texture is thick and rich, giving a luxurious mouthfeel that complements the flavour.