A. E. Dor XO

A. E. Dor XO bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Grande and Petit Champagne give this remarkable XO its finesse and character. Aged for a minimum of 25 years in both dry and humid cellars, this is a Cognac of exceptional depth and character.

A. E. Dor XO bottle

Tasting Notes


When first poured, the nose is rich but closed. However, with a few minutes in the glass it opens up, revealing earthy rancio notes – Autumn leaves and damp forest – rich vine fruit and gentle spice.


Initially sweet, the palate becomes more complex over time, with layers of fruit and oak interacting to produce a wide range of flavours. Perfumed wood sits alongside stewed and fresh fruit, with gentle spice – nutmeg, cinnamon and dried ginger – complemented by sharper clove notes. Rich earthiness sits underneath everything, as a counterpoint to the sweetness of the fruit.


A contrasting set of sweet and earthy flavours, with damp oak and toffee complemented by soft spice.


Complex and in need of some time to breathe. However, patience is rewarded with richness, fruit and the layers of spice that come from a carefully matured spirit.


Cognac Expert Blog

A true favorite - AE Dor Vieille Fine Champagne XO Cognac

This is a delightful XO quality Cognac. It’s light, delicate and, if one can use such a word to describe a Cognac, elegant. From the moment you set eyes on its mahogany body you’ll be seduced. And the journey certainly doesn’t end there, as it takes you on a thrill for all the senses, culminating in a long, superbly balanced finish. Nose: Complex - notes of spring and summer flowers, honey, and vine canes Palate: Well-rounded, ever-evolvoing. Hints of spices, white flowers, summer berries, and citrus fruit. Long, well-balanced finish.