Amrut Cask Strength

Amrut Cask Strength bottle

70cl, 61.8% ABV

Bottled at natural cask strength, this uncoloured and non-chill filtered single malt is produced from a blend of several American oak barrels. It is a well structured single malt with great balance between the oak, barley and citrus notes.


Amrut Cask Strength bottle

Tasting Notes


Honey and malt extract leap out of the glass, rich and sweet. Behind that initial sweetness lies a core of Amrut character; brown-sugar-dusted porridge and soft spice leading to a fruity core of lime, unripe mango and green apple.


Softer than you might expect from the high strength, but still intensely flavoured. It starts with sweetness and spice, cinnamon toast, Dutch Speculaas biscuits, clove-studded oranges and a touch of bitter barrel char. As it develops in the glass, more tropical fruit notes develop; papaya, star fruit and the mango from the nose.


Prickly spice fades to fresh cherries, sultanas and spiced biscuits.


More approachable than you might think and packed with concentrated Amrut fruit and spice.