Amrut Fusion Single Malt

Amrut Fusion Single Malt bottle

70cl, 50% ABV

To create Fusion, both unpeated Indian barley and peated Scottish barley are distilled and matured separately in American oak barrels for more than four years. Amrut Fusion is then blended and ‘married’ in American oak barrels for an additional three months. Non-chill filtered and bottled at 50% ABV, it is lightly peated with a complex flavour profile. This whisky was named Third Finest Whisky in the World by acclaimed whisky writer Jim Murray in 2010.

Amrut Fusion Single Malt bottle

Tasting Notes


Closed at first, but the whisky slowly opens up in the glass: heavy and spicy, with black pepper and raisins bolstered by barley sugar, toffee, oaky spice, a whiff of smoke and a thick umami richness


Intensely flavoured and complex, with layers of fruit, spice and smoke – at first there is almost too much going on. Thick vanilla sweetness is tempered by smoky peat, and chocolate fudge is complemented by grapes and spicy oak. A drop of water makes things clearer, adding layers of vanilla cream, spiced biscuits and fruit.


Long and lingering, with rich dried fruit and gentle, savoury smoke.


A whisky with many layers, which reveal themselves over time. At first there is some sensory overload, but patience and a drop of water reveal fruit, smoke, cream and a complexity that justifies the wait.