Bärenjäger bottle

70cl, 35%

Bärenjäger became the first commercial brand of Bärenfang that was first created during the 15th century.

Still made using the same methods, Bärenjäger uses natural ingredients including Mexican nectar honey from the Yucatan province .

Bärenjäger bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich and sweet honey, as you’d expect. It’s a pure, runny honey, with hints of spicy, crystallised honey beneath the initial hit of sweetness. Right at the back are notes of candied lemon and dark treacle toffee.


Thick, sticky and more complex than expected. The honey is rich and caramelised with layers of darker flavours underneath – liquorice toffee, molasses-rich sugar and fruity caramel.


The pure honey notes return, supported by gently fading spice.


From its intensely honeyed nose you may not expect a complex liqueur, but prepare to be surprised. It’s powerful on the palate with layers of sugary flavour that doesn’t become cloying. An excellent winter warmer or cocktail sweetener.