Mosto Verde Italia

Mosto Verde Italia bottle

70cl, 41.8%

Created for the Pisco enthusiast looking for a special spirit with complex and fruity aromas.

Mosto Verde Pisco is distilled differently to other Piscos. Instead of allowing the fermentation process to convert all the sugars in the grape juice into alcohol and then distilling, the fermentation is interrupted when distilling Mosto Verde Pisco when there is still sugar present in the juice. This ensures the Pisco has a richer texture and is smoother on the palate.

Mosto Verde Italia bottle

Tasting Notes


A veritable symphony of wild, native fruit, pears and bittersweet citrus.


The rich and elegant combination of fruit from the nose continues onto the palate, with finely balanced sweet, sour and bitter notes.


Elegant and long, with lingering fruit and a touch of gentle spice at the end.


The rich flavour of the wine before distillation makes itself known in this pisco, with a wide range of carefully balanced and well integrated fruity flavours.