Mosto Verde Quebranta

Mosto Verde Quebranta bottle

70cl, 41.8% ABV

Mosto Verde Pisco is distilled differently to other Piscos. Instead of allowing the fermentation process to convert all the sugars in the grape juice into alcohol and then distilling, the fermentation is interrupted when distilling Mosto Verde Pisco when there is still sugar present in the juice. This ensures the Pisco has a richer texture and is smoother on the palate.

A non aromatic grape variety, this particular expression is fantastic in a Pisco Sour cocktail with its delicate and fruity taste of fine grapes.  

Mosto Verde Quebranta bottle

Tasting Notes


Delicate and fragrant with fresh cream, sweet white chocolate, thick caramel and almonds.


A continuation of the nose, but with more intensity – the cream and white chocolate mix is sweeter, but also with more depth. The almond note becomes richer, almost marzipan-like, and there is some almond skin bitterness and gentle woody spice.


Balanced and elegant, with the sweetness and bitterness from the palate slowly fading to a spicy and fruity end.


Richer than many piscos, the creamy and sweet centre of the spirit is carefully balanced against a nutty character that stops the combination becoming overpowering.