Mosto Verde Torontel

Mosto Verde Torontel bottle

70cl, 41.8% ABV

Mosto Verde Pisco is distilled differently to other Piscos. Instead of allowing the fermentation process to convert all the sugars in the grape juice into alcohol and then distilling, the fermentation is interrupted when distilling Mosto Verde Pisco when there is still sugar present in the juice. This ensures the Pisco has a richer texture and is smoother on the palate.

Highly aromatic, with jasmine and magnolia notes, only the finest Torontel grapes are used in the production of BarSol’s Mosto Verde Torontel. 

Mosto Verde Torontel bottle

Tasting Notes


Heady and floral, with wild flowers intertwined with citrus blossom, peel and soft spice.‚Äč


The floral notes from the nose carry on into the palate, along with anise and cinnamon. The citrus develops, becoming sweetly syrupy, with lime juice and zest and lemongrass in the background.


Soft, refined and elegant, with spice and citrus.


Delicate and complex, showing the floral aromas of Torontel grapes.