Selecto Acholado

Selecto Acholado  bottle

70cl, 41.3% ABV

BarSol Selecto Acholado is the result of blending three of the finest pisco grape varieties: Quebranta, Italia and Torontel. Balancing the best of all three, it gains structure from its base of 70% quebranta, fruitiness and juiciness from the Italia, and a floral highnote from the torontel. Due to its superb quality, great harmony, balance and brilliance, this pisco has received multiple awards in Peru and international.

Selecto Acholado  bottle

Tasting Notes


Ripe vine and orchard fruit, with tree blossom, honeysuckle and summer meadows.


The fruit from the nose is amplified on the palate, with both sweetness and tartness, and is joined by pecan nuts and delicate ground spice notes.


Soft and delicate, with the fruit and spice from the palate slowly fading to a sweet end.‚Äč


Produced from a combination of Quebranta, Italia and Torontel grapes, the Selecto Acholado brings together the character of all three to give a delicate by complex pisco.

Cocktails made with Selecto Acholado