Selecto Italia

Selecto Italia bottle

70cl, 41.3% ABV

BarSol Pisco Selecto Italia is a marvellous artisanal pisco distilled from the finest selection of Italia grapes. A member of the muscat family, Italia is highly aromatic and has a fantastic fruity and juicy notes of tropical and stone fruit, floral aromatics and sweetness. Grapes grown in the Ica Valley display this characteristic more prominently than those sourced from other regions.

Selecto Italia bottle

Tasting Notes


Pungent and aromatic with honeysuckle and rose petals joined by ripe tropical fruit – mango and papaya.


Intense and fruity, with the tropical fruit from the nose complemented by bitter walnuts and sweet raisins.


Soft but lingering, with fruit slowly fading to leave a oily walnut and gentle spice.


The floral, sweet and aromatic character of the Italia grape is perfectly captured in this pisco, with a floral bouquet balanced by rich, sweet and bitter notes on the palate.