Beluga Epicure

Beluga Epicure bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

The 1,000 bottle release of Beluga Epicure is the result of a collaboration between Beluga and legendary French crystal manufacturer Lalique. Epicure is a tribute to the values that both brands share – the strive for perfection, craftsmanship and attention to every detail. The name Epicure highlights the value of each fleeting moment, every decanter being a reminder of the instants we should enjoy.

Artisans at Lalique workshops in Alsace, France produced each decanter by hand, blowing the crystal in an iron mould to give it its shape. Master polishers then refined the contrast between the clear and satin-finished crystal to emphasise the delicacy and vulnerability of each piece. The final touch is a unique individual serial number engraved on the bottom of each decanter.

Epicure underpins Beluga’s unwavering commitment to creating the best possible vodka and is a celebration of the skill of Beluga’s craftsmen. Combine this with our unique Lalique decanter and the result is a stunning objet d’art – a truly exceptional product of the finest quality that would grace any collection.

Beluga Epicure bottle

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