Boatyard Double Gin

Boatyard Double Gin bottle

70cl, 46% ABV

Organically-produced wheat spirit is macerated for 18 hours with eight different botanicals, including Sweet Gale harvested from the family farm. As the spirit runs off the still it undergoes a unique juniper filtration process, which Dutch gin spirit distillers call ‘dubbel gebeide genever’. This double-contact method results in a pronounced juniper flavour. The spirit has pure water added to it before it is rested for a minimum of two weeks and then bottled at 46% ABV.

Boatyard Double Gin bottle

Tasting Notes


Zingy and juniper forward, bringing together the botanical's zesty citrus character and rich earthy side. Fresh lemon zest notes boost the citrus, with soft spice providing a backdrop for the aromas to develop.


Sweet and spicy juniper leads, followed by bittersweet citrus pith and liquorice sweetness. An intricate mix of spice and soft floral notes hides behind the juniper, with green, leafy herbs and a touch of pine giving depth and contrast.


Lingering earthiness with zesty citrus peel.


A juniper-forward botanical that explores the complex flavour of gin's most important ingredient.

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