Boatyard Old Tom

Boatyard Old Tom bottle

70cl, 46% ABV

Boatyard Old Tom is made using  Boatyard Double Gin, which is distilled with eight different botanicals and produced in ‘Doc Brown’, Boatyard’s 250-litre still. Once distilled, the spirit rests for a minimum of four months – drawing flavour and colour from the cask – before the addition of Fermanagh honey for natural sweetness. Old Tom has notes of candied lemon peel, vanilla and cinnamon spice, with a silky orange finish. Slightly sweeter than London Dry but drier than Dutch genever, Old Tom is sometimes referred to as ‘the missing link’.

Boatyard Old Tom bottle

Tasting Notes


Freshly grated orange and lemon zests, with honey, pine and spiced caramel. The citrus notes give a freshness contrasted by the darker, richer and spicier notes.


Rich and rounded mouthfeel with the pine and honey from the nose at its core. The pine notes build, with toffee joined by green leaves, gently floral notes and warming spice. Savoury and earthy notes bring up the rear.


Sweet hay, freshly mown grass and pine needles linger.


A characterful old tom that boosts the piney side of the Boatyard Double Gin with a balancing floral complexity and sweetness.

Cocktails made with Boatyard Old Tom