Boatyard Sloe Boat Gin

Boatyard Sloe Boat Gin bottle

70cl, 29.8% ABV

Developed and distilled by the Boatyard team in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. Boatyard Sloe Boat Gin is made by steeping wild­grown, handpicked sloe berries for six months in a bespoke gin. 420 grams of sloe berries are used per bottle, ensuring a rich, intense and completely natural flavour.

Additionally the sloe berries are frozen before maceration (so the skins

are broken gently by the water inside expanding), which allows the high-strength, juniper-heavy gin to penetrate and absorb all the juicy flavours. Filtration is minimal, so the maximum amount of flavour can be delivered.

Within every sip you can find notes of juicy plum, cassis, honey, almond and tartness from the sloe berries. Natural sweetness from the sloes mean that only a tiny amount of organic, unrefined sugar is needed to make a perfectly balanced sloe gin.

Boatyard Sloe Boat Gin bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet and sour cherries, cherry lips, soft spice and touch of pine. Hints of darker berry fruit creep in around the edges, blackcurrants and redcurrants with some liquorice.


A burst of fruity sweetness calms down to reveal fleshy cherries and raspberries. Sweetness builds again, with dark brown sugar joined by molasses, toffee and a touch of anise. Dark-chocolate-covered cherries and piney juniper hide at the back.


The sweet and sour cherries are back and fade away slowly, leaving grass, spicy juniper and some sharp redcurrant.


: Big and fruity without getting too sweet – just enough sharpness to keep things balanced and packed with interest.