About Box Whisky

In the remote landscape of rugged northern Sweden, around the 63rd Parallel, along the shores of the Ångermanälven River, you’ll find Box Distillery. A truly unique location to craft this fascinating liquid, the Ådalen area is surrounded by untouched nature. Dense Nordic forests, wide open spaces and crisp clean air create an environment that makes Box Whisky taste like you’ve taken a flight right to the shores of the Ångermanälven itself.

The landscape of the 63rd Parallel around the distillery also affects the aging of this Swedish spirit; the dense un-touched forests, the almost-drinkable air and the crystal clear, chilled water of the Ångermanälven River provide the perfect conditions for purity of flavour. The dramatic variance in temperature between sub-zero and positively tropical climates at the 63rd Parallel extract a huge amount of flavour from the oak casks as the liquid goes through a unique savouring process. On warm days the pressure in the casks builds and the liquid expands, penetrating the charred oak, this is where more flavour is released, one that will stay within the liquid helping to create a whisky full of character.

However it’s not just the landscape, it’s also the process that helps create a dram as inviting and intriguing as Box. From the very beginning utmost attention is paid the raw materials ensuring only yeast, barley and water of the highest quality goes in to making the liquid. From the use of French distillery yeast to a slightly colder water in the third and final mashing, this all combines to give Box those characteristic fresh, fruity and rounded flavours.

While the conditions may be extreme at the high coast distillery, the climate is a welcome friend for producing Box Single Malt Whisky, and the resultant flavour is like sipping the Swedish forest while standing next to a log fire. We’re sure that once you’ve had one dram you’ll be going back for another soon after.