American Oak

American Oak bottle

500ml, 50.8% ABV

By far the most commonly used species of oak in the whisky making industry, Box wanted to focus on Quercus alba and accentuate it's flavour with this limited release. Peated spirit is aged in ex-bourbon quarter casks on the rugged Swedish coastline, then finished in charred 40 litre virgin American oak casks to give an intense and rich flavour. Non chill-filtered and uncoloured, this whisky was made in a small batch of only 3,941 bottles.

American Oak bottle

Tasting Notes


An intriguing mix of bourbon whiskey and fruity spirit: thick brown sugar and ginger cake sweetness, with fresh and stewed apple, flamed orange zest, and sweet bacon.


Soft and approachable to start, with toffee and orange mingling before spice appears and rapidly builds. Cinnamon and ginger jump in against a background of sweet vanilla and zesty orange oil. Things then level out and toffee comes to the front again, accompanied by lemony ginger and cinnamon hints.


Oaky spice explodes across the palate in a wave, leaving sugary sweetness and discarded orange peels.


A rollercoaster of a whisky, bringing American-style sweetness and spice to Box’s fruity spirit.