Dàlvve  bottle

700ml, 46% ABV

Dàlvve – meaning Winter in Sami (the local dialect for Northern Sweden) – is the quintessential experience of Box. Its semi–peated nature reflects the flavour of the changing seasons in the unique landscape around Box Distillery. These seasons have a profound effect on the whisky’s development in first fill ex-bourbon casks and the resultant flavour transports you to the banks of the Ångermanälven River. Non chill-filtered and uncoloured.

Dàlvve  bottle

Tasting Notes


Fresh pine forests and wood-burning stoves lead. Sweet vanilla mingles with rich peat smoke, with a core of stewed apple, sweet butter and peppery spice following. Hints of smoked meat and damp blankets hide underneath, giving a rich background.


Soft and rounded on the palate, led by a burst of unexpected sweetness. That fades to reveal sour fruit and soft peat smoke, with peppery spice rolling in behind. A candied sweetness builds from the centre and the cycle begins again.


Green leaves, hints of charcoal and wood smoke, fresh and crisp apples, and a twist of lemon zest.


Perfectly balanced smoke and sweetness, with a touch of mountain forest, pine and clean air.


Malt Review

Box Dálvve

"(...) Box Distillery shows us all what can happen when you just make good spirit in the first place – this is a lightly peated dram, a gentle whisky to start the evening, but what’s present is really impressive."