Early Days Batch 002

Early Days Batch 002 bottle

500ml, 51.5% ABV

This is comprised of a combination of peated and unpeated spirit matured in 130-litre casks which previously contained American bourbon. Early Days Batch 002 is made using classic Pilsner malt, the malt which dominated the beer and whisky industries before modern, higher yielding barley types were created. Two thirds of the ingoing spirit is smoked (the malt has been dried over glowing peat from Scotland) and one third is unsmoked. Early Days Batch 002 is an exquisitely well-balanced all-round whisky which is non-chill filtered and uncoloured.

Early Days Batch 002 bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet spice, sour fruit, pine needles and hints of crushed juniper berries. Soft smoke emerges, both peat- and wood-fired, with hints of sea breezes, vanilla cream and zesty leaves.


Oily in texture and intense: singed lemons, earthy peat and a crashing wave of seaside brine. Rich dark chocolate sits underneath, with salted caramel, soft nutmeg and bursts of apples and pears alongside.


The chocolate continues, becoming sweeter. Smokiness returns and the fades.


A bit of everything – smoke, chocolate, sea spray and a basket of fruit – but perfectly balanced.