Explorer bottle

500ml, 48.3% ABV

The Explorer is an exploration what can be achieved by employing painstaking care in the work with high-quality casks.

The Explorer is mainly matured in ex-bourbon casks in three different sizes – 40, 100 and 130-litres - with a small amount of whisky being matured in either virgin American Oak or Hungarian Oak (Quercus petraea). There is also a small component which has been finished within Swedish Oak (Quercus robur) casks, making this whisky a true study in all things oak and what a master blender can achieve with different types of wood.

Two-thirds of the barley used is peated to a level between 39 and 45ppm, and the aged spirit is non-chill filtered and uncoloured.

Explorer bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich toffee and salted caramel are layered with wood smoke, sweet cured bacon and peat fires. Roasted apples, icing sugar and honey slowly emerge.


Spicy to start, with a fruit bowl revealed as the spice fades: apples and pears. The spice returns, adding a white pepper prickle to clove and cinnamon heat. Soft peat builds from gentle earthiness to mineral-laden smoke, balanced by sweet butter and honey.


Hints of smoked bacon and coal dust fade to reveal buttered toast with apple jam.


Spicy and exciting, with fruit and oak sparring on the tongue. Fruit wins.