Quercus 1 Robur

Quercus 1 Robur bottle

50cl, 50.8% ABV

Quercus is a range of products dedicated to the different  tastes that different species of oak gives to the whisky. The first edition is named Robur after the European Oak (pedunculate oak). Quercus robur (in Latin) is common in Europe, especially in Burgundy and Limousine where it’s widely used in the wine and cognac industry, but it’s also very common in Scandinavia. Quercus robur contains quite a lot of tannins and antioxidants and gives a spicy and sweet taste to the whisky. This is a 100 % unpeated whisky that first have been matured on 200-litres bourbon casks for 4.1 years and then finished for 7 months in 40-litres casks of virgin Quercus robur. The Average Fermenting Time is 80 hours in stainless steel washbacks. Distilled between 3rd October and 12th October 2012, just 8229 bottles have been produced.
Quercus 1 Robur bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich butter icing, plump raisins, candied ginger and freshly varnished oak lead the way. Thick caramel sauce and crunchy toffee are sprinkled with spice: cinnamon and nutmeg. Baked apples and pears sit behind, drizzled with vanilla sauce and dusted with Chinese Five Spice.


Thick, sweet and spicy, with the caramel sauce from the nose stirred through with freshly crushed black pepper, hot cinnamon and sticky vanilla pods. The pepper and toffee continue as the fruit from the nose builds along with touches of mint, tarragon and spicy grain.


Surprisingly soft, but lingering: vanilla cream fades to reveal more leafy notes.


The virgin oak finish has layered spice and vanilla on top of the fruity Box spirit. The spiciness from the wood and the herbal notes look towards a US-style rye whiskey, but with malty complexity.