About Caroni

Located in the heart of Trinidad's Caroni plains, Caroni was established in 1918 as a single estate distillery and possessed its own sugar plant. Initially equipped with a cast iron pot still, which was replaced by single and column stills over the years, Caroni became infamous for producing a very distinctive heavy style of rum.

In 2004, just a year after the distillery closed, Italian raconteur Luca Gargano visited Trinidad for a photo shoot and came across the boarded-up distillery by chance. He then learned the location of its warehouse, full of Caroni barrels – Luca couldn’t believe his luck! Over the next few years the barrels were purchased, its contents bottled and released.

As word slowly got out, 'Caronimania' began to take hold and in recent years bottlings have been frantically sought after by fans and collectors.