Caroni 15 Year Old

Caroni 15 Year Old bottle

70cl, 52% ABV

Distilled in 1998 at the now closed Caroni distillery, this is a high-strength bottling which comes in at 52% ABV. This is a clear, copper rum and, although powerful, it is beautifully rounded.

Caroni 15 Year Old bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich, with sweetness and darkness intertwined - maple syrup and roasted bananas wrapped in leather and bittersweet dark chocolate. The sweeter side triumphs, revealing layers of spiced shortbread and fruitcake.


On the palate, darker flavours dominate - liquorice root, dark chocolate and leather. However, sweetness is still present, with stewed apples and roasted peach as well as layers of sugar and spice - demarara with cinnamon and nutmeg.


Rich fruit cake, with singed edges, and a hint of tingling menthol.


Dark and rich, with a complex balance of sweet and savoury. One for careful contemplation.