Vermouth della Regina Bianco

Vermouth della Regina Bianco bottle

75cl, 16.5% ABV

Vermouth Bianco della Regina is a Vermouth di Torino characterized by intense floral and fruit aromas. Sweet citrus, coriander, angelica and scented cardamom are well integrated with Piedmontese Artemisia, while bitter notes of gentian and rhubarb balance the natural sweetness of this Vermouth Bianco. This vermouth is dedicated to Queen Margherita who, in 1907, granted Chazalettes the honour of bearing the House of Savoy coat of arms. Della Regina translates from Italian as: ‘of the Queen’. 
Vermouth della Regina Bianco bottle

Tasting Notes


Apples and pears laid on buttery brioche with a side order of sponge cake. Soft floral notes develop with gentle baking spices not far behind: nutmeg and vanilla. Hiding behind the sweeter notes are hints of spiky green herbs.


Sweet and softly spicy to start, with rich syrup and spiced sponge cake becoming fruitier as it sits on the palate. Muscat grapes build along with sweet pear, but they are balanced by growing spice. The spice is soft but dusty at first, before becoming integrated into the sweet core of the vermouth. Behind that, gentle wormwood bitterness slowly builds.


The bitterness sits at the centre of the finish, with sweet and spicy notes slowly fading.


Appropriately sweet with a thick vein of spice running through the centre. The bitterness is never far away, but is carefully balanced.