Vermouth Extra Dry

Vermouth Extra Dry bottle

75cl, 18% ABV

An authentic and original Extra Dry Vermouth di Torino produced according to the recipe of the Chazalettes family, who moved from Savoy to Turin in 1860 and began producing vermouths and spirits in 1876. Citrus-peel freshness is beautifully balanced by the roundness of Piedmontese alpine herbs, accompanied by hints of juniper and other spices.
Vermouth Extra Dry bottle

Tasting Notes


Candied sweetness rolls out of the glass, pulling a string of fruit and herbs behind it: apples, pears, muscat grapes and tarragon. The sweetness is syrupy but tempered by grape notes and floral touches: meadow grass and flowers.


Much drier than the nose suggests, with the sweetness pushed to one side and well-balanced orchard fruit leaping to the fore. Soft herbs float around a core of apple, with dry white wine and a hint of tartness providing a contrast.


Long and dry, with apple skin and bittersweet flesh fading to reveal grapes and leafy green herbs.


A well-balanced vermouth which has enough intensity to make itself known in cocktails but is refreshing enough to work well on a warm day with a slice of lemon. Maybe a slice of apple?



Chazalettes Extra Dry on Imbibe

Particularly floral and aromatic on the nose, with notes of lemon balm, elderflower, dusty notebooks, apple blossom and grapefruit peel. The aromatics hid the dryness. On the palate it morphs into a more traditional dry vermouth, with bay leaf and thyme, before a saline finish.