Clairin Casimir

Clairin Casimir bottle

70cl, 54% ABV

Faubert Casimir continues the work his father started in 1979 and is now considered the best distiller in the region of Barradères. Faubert cultivates 50 hectares of non-hybrid Hawaii Blanche sugar cane. His plantation is intercropped with bananas, palms and lime. Only the fully ripe rods are collected, this way the field is never left devoid of vegetation. 

What is unique to Casimir and other distillers in the area, is to add some herbs or vegetable matter to pure cane juice during fermentation in order to enhance the flavours. Faubert adds leaves of citronella, cinnamon, and in some batches, ginger.

Clairin Casimir bottle

Tasting Notes


A strong and pungent nose, it leaps out of the glass at you - rich fruit and herbs with a pinch of salt - tarragon, mint, banana skins, and overripe apples and pears. Beneath the fruit it’s rich and oily, with grassy olive oil and perfectly ripe bananas.


Sharper than expected from the nose, with Granny Smith apples, lime zest and bitter pith exploding on the palate. Behind that lies lots of herbal bitterness and a balancing fruity sweetness - pine needles and green leaves with a background of fruit chews, boiled sweets and roasted bananas.


Long, with green leaves fading to sweet, overripe fruit and soft spice.


A raw and flavour-packed rum. A sweet and heady nose leads into a sharp and herbal body, all of which demands attention. One for sipping or using in classic agricole rum cocktails.