Clairin Sajous

Clairin Sajous bottle

70cl, 53.5% ABV

North of Haiti’s capital; Port-au-Prince, in the Saint Michel de l'Attalaye region, is the Chelo distillery – built by Michel Sajous in the place his family has been since 1960. The small distillery is located in the middle of the plantation and spans 30 hectares, which are planted with different varieties of organic sugar cane. Fresh, herbacious and fruity, this is Clairin at its finest.

Clairin Sajous bottle

Tasting Notes


Big – it jumps out at you as your face approaches the glass. Pungent herbs, damp leaves, mulchy fruit skins, a hint of petrol, Play-Doh, pickled gherkins and sweet raw sugar cane juice.


Softer than the nose suggests, but still full on. Spicy cinnamon, tarragon, overripe bananas and squishy apples to start. Darker notes develop, with hints of liquorice and dark chocolate joined by even more green herbs.


Medium-long and very clean, with sweet green apples and green herbs fading quickly to anise and a touch of cinnamon spice.


A complex and fruity spirit, run through with herbs and spice.



Drink of the week: CLAIRIN SAJOUS

"Think of it as Haitian agricole rum. Terroir is the name of the game here. The sugarcane actually tells you its story in the glass. It brings those notes of freshly-mown grass, mango, Granny Smith apples, and white peppercorn. Its distinct flavor makes this clairin at home in a Daiquiri, or simply enjoyed on the rocks!"

95 points on Distiller

Simply uncorking the bottle releases a flood of aromas from the brilliantly silver liquid. The nose is overwhelmingly grassy at first, then turns to black olives with a hint of leather. At 107 proof, the entry hits hard in a tsunami of flavor. Mid-palate it turns to berries and spices, fighting with the ethanol burn. The finish is long and ends with a delightful spiciness. A beast of a rum, this isn’t for the timid. Fans of high-proof agricole should snap this up by any means necessary.