Cocchi Americano Rosa

Cocchi Americano Rosa bottle

75cl, 16.5% ABV

Light, sophisticated and brimming with flavour, Cocchi Rosa is leading the way in the new style of aperitivo drinks. Made in a similar way to Cocchi Americano, Rosa does however use a different base wine; the aromatic Brachetto, and enjoys a different recipe of botanicals including; dried rose petals.

Whether as a long drink with tonic over ice, chilled on its own, or as a cocktail base, Cocchi Rosa ticks all the boxes. Bitter, sweet, spicy, fruity this is a must try for any drinks enthusiast who wants to stand out from the shadow of Aperol and Campari.

Cocchi Americano Rosa bottle

Tasting Notes


Orange sherbert, aromatic spice – clove, mace and nutmeg – sweet and bitter Seville orange zest and pith, and a gentle oily sweetness.


Orange sorbet, slightly melted, with a big syrupy sweetness balanced by bitter woody and herbal notes. Orange zest bitterness comes in behind, with leafy green herbs and sweet, sugary touches.


Bitter wood and green leaves, flashes of sweet orange and a lingering sherbert sweetness.


Sweet but tempered by the right amount of herbal bitterness. It’s excellent as a chilled aperitif, but its versatility as a cocktail ingredient is obvious from your first sip.

Cocktails made with Cocchi Americano Rosa