Cocchi Extra Dry Vermouth

Cocchi Extra Dry Vermouth bottle

70cl, 17% ABV

Cocchi Extra Dry is a classic-style Italian vermouth from Piedmont. It uses a wine base made of quality local Cortese grapes and botanicals such as wormwood, angelica, coriander, cardamom, lemon peel and Piedmontese mint.

This elegant vermouth has aromas of fresh apple, melon and white flowers from the wine. These are balanced with the aromatic botanicals of cardamom, wormwood, coriander and angelica. The Piedmontese mint and lemon peels bring herbaceous notes and brightness to the palate.

Cocchi Extra Dry Vermouth celebrates one of the most important regions of vermouth production in the world with Piedmontese wine and local wormwood, lemon and mint grown in the famous area of Pancalieri.

Cocchi Extra Dry Vermouth bottle