30 Year Old

30 Year Old bottle

70cl, 43% ABV

For Armagnac, maturity begins at 30. Fresh fruit characters are transformed into dried fruit and the spicy characters assert themselves. The first “rancio” aromas appear and the alcohol is perfectly mellow. The fiery youth softens and relents. This Grand Assemblage is the perfect example of magnificent balance that one finds in eaux de vie of this age.


30 Year Old bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich and weighty, with layers of fruit and the beginnings of rancio. Leather, earth and rustic farmyard tones are complemented by sweet cherries, soft spice and a touch of milk chocolate.


More delicate than the robust nose, with a dark caramel backbone spread with soft spice and fruit – maraschino and sour cherries, raisins, freshly sliced apples and gently sweet candied peel.


Singed fruit, baked apples and blackened raisin, grape skin tannins and rich, dark spice.


Rich and full, with dried fruit, berries and leathery notes, but with a gentle sweetness providing a contrast to the darker notes. One to spend time over.