50 Year Old

50 Year Old bottle

70cl, 42% ABV

The age of reason. Dependent on the freshness and the balance of Armagnacs of this age, it is usually time to stop ageing as the liquid is transferred from its cask to glass demijohn . Aromas of chocolate, leather and roasted notes are characteristic of these very old eaux de vie.

50 Year Old bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet, floral and delicate on first sniff, rapidly picking up rich and decadent notes of demerara sugar, stewed raisins, tarte tatin, loamy earth and damp leaves. Floating on top of the weightier notes are meadow flowers, sweet grapes and a sprinkling of icing sugar.


Very soft to start, with spicy notes mingling with autumn leaves and touches of polished oak, quickly becoming dark and rich. Plump dried fruit, warm leather, gentle oiliness, and growing notes of bitter barrel char and green leaf balance out the sweetness.


Soft and spicy, with clove turning to menthol and leafy herbs. Wax polish and gentle orchard fruit linger.


More delicate and less weighty than some old Armagnacs, with a complexity that demands careful examination.