Une Larme d'Armagnac

Une Larme d'Armagnac bottle

70cl, 42% ABV

A luxury blend with the youngest armagnac being at least 50 years old, this is a very special spirit, one to take some time over.

Une Larme d'Armagnac bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich and deep, with tightly wound layers of flavour. A thick sweetness floats on top, but underneath, dark and rich flavours provide balance. Brown sugar and treacle toffee sit up against stewed fruit, spiced fruit loaf and freshly polished leather.


The palate straddles the line between sweet and savoury, weaving from side to side as the flavours develop. Rich leather notes and sweet liquorice join black bread and cherry jam; dark chocolate faces off against rich caramel. Behind it all is a dark and autumnal forest edge – brown leaves damp bark and rich earth.


Leather and oak, building sweetness and a gently spicy end.


A complex Armagnac that rewards careful contemplation. The character changes and develops in the glass, revealing new facets of flavour. An impressive spirit.