Diplomatico Vintage 2005

Diplomatico Vintage 2005 bottle

70, 43

Produced exclusively from the best quality sugar cane honeys and distilled in vintage copper pot stills in 2005, this complex rum is then aged in Bourbon and Single Malt Whisky casks for twelve years. After the ageing process the Maestros Roneros carefully blend the rums to obtain the structure, body, personality, flavours and aromas that perfectly highlight the characteristics of this vintage. Finally, the rum spends a year in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks to provide the perfect finish.

Diplomatico Vintage 2005 bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich and fruity on the nose, with a background of freshly roasted coffee. Fruity dark chocolate builds, with ripe berry fruit following. Sweet vanilla and toffee notes develop.


The richness continues into the palate, with a soft and rounded texture. The fruit from the nose carries on, with the chocolate now melted and sweet. Gentle bitter char is balanced by sweet dried fruit.


Oaky spice fades to reveal berry fruit and raisins.


A complex and fruity rum with more sweetness than previous vintages.