Don Fulano Imperial

Don Fulano Imperial bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Don Fulano Imperial is the oldest expression in the range. A full flavoured, rich and complex tequila, aged for five years and up to 12, and finished in an Oloroso sherry cask. A wonderfully smooth and rich Extra Añejo with a great combination of elegance and power.

Don Fulano Imperial bottle

Tasting Notes


Dark, rich and fruity, with long-aged flavours of coffee and raisins accompanied by big oak and agave spice – cinnamon, clove and soft nutmeg.


Opulent, with fruity dark chocolate, sticky maraschino cherries and spicy leathery notes to start. Behind that initial hit are softer vanilla notes and sweet nuts.


Very long, focusing on sweet agave before descending into dark cocoa and stewed fruit.


For those who like aged Tequila, this is the pinnacle of the Don Fulano range. Rich and decadent, but still packed with agave spice, sweetness and complexity.