Calvados Hors D'Age

Calvados Hors D'Age bottle

70cl , 42% ABV

Hors D’Age, the historic keystone of the range, is aged for more than fifteen years in small barrels, including a large number of former brandy casks. The colour is dark amber, the nose is complex and balanced, and the palate is smooth, dominated by wood and spices.

The fine, silky tannins and great length make this a perfect companion for a long evenings with a cigar and a crackling fire.

Calvados Hors D'Age bottle

Tasting Notes


Richly-flavoured windfall apples, orange peel, candied orange, polished oak, damp logs and gentle forest floor rancio. Notes of festive spice build – cinnamon, nutmeg, mace and a hint of clove. Baked apples and sultanas sit behind everything.


Rich and thick, with baked and stewed apple notes carefully balanced against bitter char, old oak and sweet woody spice. Old polished oak boards fill the centre of the palate, with tannic apple skins and rich, fruity flesh as a counterpoint.


Sweet spice and apple sauce fade to leave tingling cinnamon and chocolatey oak.


Well-aged, without losing the fruity Drouin core. Spice and oak are carefully balanced to ensure that the house’s classic earthy apple character shines through.