Calvados Selection

Calvados Selection  bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

While "Calvados Pays d'Auge" needs to undergo lengthy ageing in oak casks to reach full maturity, Calvados from the Domfrontais region, whose range of flavours is dominated by prominent fruit notes, can be enjoyed young.

Aged for only two to three years in very old casks and blended using apples and pears, Calvados Selection enchants with light and elegant aromas of fresh fruit.

Recommended to those who appreciate Calvados as a long drink or aperitif, it is also well suited to the preparation of complex cocktails.

Calvados Selection  bottle

Tasting Notes


Buttery apple with sultanas and a very gentle sprinkling of brown sugar – an apple tart after just a few minutes in the oven. Fresh, slightly funky apple juice is balanced against sweet apple candy, both underscored by floral blossom notes.


A balanced combination of freshly sliced cider apple and gentle oak tannins. Gentle sweetness builds along with herbal leafy notes of tarragon and mint. Earthy apple peel and sour apple sit at the back.


The sweetness returns, with spiced apple sauce fading to leave fragrant oak.


Controlled oak influence adds spice to Drouin’s fresh and fruity spirit, and softens the edges without hiding its farmyard roots.

Cocktails made with Calvados Selection