Calvados VSOP

Calvados VSOP bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Double distilled and aged in small 225-litre casks, Calvados VSOP offers rich aromas of ripe apple, sensuous fruit flavours,  a full body and refined character.

Former Bordeaux wine barrels are re-charred by a cooper from nearby Honfleur, then lined with cider before being used to age the eau-de-vie. The blend is finished in former sherry, port and Banyuls barrels, adding smoothness and complexity to the light amber liquid.

Calvados VSOP bottle

Tasting Notes


Stewed apples with earthy spice, buttered fruit loaf and gentle polished oak notes. Candied peel and sultana notes build, along with dried apple and pear, and a touch of straw-pressed sour apple juice.


Dry and initially fruity, with sour, dried and candied apple building. These fade to leave earthy and oaky notes, with damp forest floors and leaves backed up by soft nutmeg and woody cinnamon bark.


Oaky spice with building apple peel and softly smoky notes.


A dry and earthy Calvados, with apple notes providing a canvas for oak, earth and soft smoke.