Calvados XO

Calvados XO bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Calvados XO is aged for two years longer than the VSOP, and finished in former Brandy casks. Dense and rich with strong notes of baked apple and tarte tatin, this complex Calvados is double-distilled and aged in small oak casks.

Calvados XO bottle

Tasting Notes


Candied apples, sultanas and spiced apple cake to start. A touch of malic acidity is balanced by building sweet juice notes. The cake develops, with spiced pastry notes hidden under freshly cut sweet fruit.


Fresh and fruity to begin, with sweet and spicy apples slowly fading to reveal a core of rich and dark oak, baked apples and brown sugar. The freshness hides right at the centre, never fading, as waves of polished oak, earthy spice and soft char wash across the palate.


Candied peel and dried apple fades to reveal mint and menthol, with a sprinkling of char and cinnamon.


Much fresher than it age might suggest, balancing oak and spice against a fruity centre.